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A Personal Story, and how Health Coaching saved my family

My kids used to be hyper. But they are not now - and we don't use medicines. No need to. But I get ahead of myself . . .

My oldest started being hyper around the age of 2, and sometimes it seemed as if he could truly climb walls. We noticed that sometimes it peaked after eating certain foods, but with the chemistry lab type ingredient labels now days - it was totally unclear what he could be reacting to. He wasn't a good sleeper either. He tossed and turned, and seemed to easily awake at any given time. He also did teeth grinding. He talked non-stop, and loud! And then there was the constant picking on his brother who is two years younger. That poor baby had his older brother laying on top of him, tipping him over, giving him a push, trip, slap or pinch, or anything else his impulses told him to do. I just assumed it was because they were so close in age and the oldest was jealous. "Boys will be boys". I also hoped that it wasn't ADHD. And then there was this little laugh that he had sometimes, especially at times when it seemed like no amount of discipline helped. Life continued as a constant row of "No, No, NO!" "Stop!" "Get off your brother!" "Stop hurting your brother!" As the younger one got to be around the age of 2, then the two of them would go at each other non-stop. They were in a wrestling match most all the time. Sometimes it was fun, other times it wasn't, and I was the on-demand referee. It was so loud in the house, our dog decided to become an outdoor dog!

Luckily for everyone, when my oldest was 4, I read an article in my Mothering magazine ( about ADHD, food allergies and the Feingold Association. I was sure there was something to this. I immediately jumped online, went to and read their website front to back! I was amazed how many food additives have crept into our foods and that we Americans have just taken it for granted that everything the food industry sells us is safe and written on the labels.

Artificial colors,

Artificial flavors, and certain preservatives:

TBHQ (used esp. in frying oils, and is often a hidden ingredient in oils listed on labels),

BHT and BHA (used esp. in nuts and bakery goods, and also can be an ingredient not found on labels although could be in nuts and as a preservative for packaging food.)

All are made from petroleum!

Yep! That's right - crude oil! As a conscientious mom, that blew me out of the water. I have been giving my beloved children petroleum!! and didn't even know it!! How can the food industry sleep at night?!

As a health coach that believes in the power of lifestyle medicine, I was convinced this was the issue and ordered my membership materials that day. The day I got the researched Food Shopping List I was excited and nervous. The food list is free of TBHQ, BHA, BHT (listed OR hidden), artificial colors and artificial flavors. I created a shopping list of my meals for the next week using only the products on the list. This took time, but I just had to give it my all. It also took extra time to shop, but since I was mostly just having to change name brands, it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.

After eating a 100% clean diet for a week, a very noticeable new calm was in the house. What a miracle! It was as if they had grown up - but in reality, the food that I was giving them no longer contained petroleum. The food I gave them was no longer making them angry and they could now control their impulses. I cleared out my cabinets of everything that was not on the Food List. Again, this took some time, but I knew it was what had to be done. The Food Bank loved me that week!

Then I took a tip from and I went to the main grocery store I used and wrote out what products were in what aisles. I then took the Feingold Food Shopping List to my computer and typed in all the products that we would eat, as they sat in each aisle. Within the time of my children's afternoon naptime (or perhaps 2 naps), I had completed my new and improved grocery list.

Shopping went so much faster now. Any food additives sensitivity or food allergy questions that I had were immediately answered on the member's online bulletin board. I got recipes galore and at every meal I always felt so thankful and grateful for finding the Feingold Program. For us personally, it saved our family. It saved us from ADHD . . . and all the pharmaceutical experimenting! Every child is different, it is possible that your child may need additional medical support.

If an infraction occurs, ie - consuming offending foods, drinks as well as products that come in contact with the skin - we end up with 5 days of reactions: behaviors that we thought we had seen the last of come straight back. Kids can have reactions that start about an hour after consuming the food - like my kids, or kids may not have a reaction start til a day later. That makes that detective work harder, but not impossible! Some kids react more at the beginning - like my kids, others react more towards the end. Some kids react more dramatically than others and some kids have more sensitivities than others. About 4 - 6 days of reactions is the most common time frame. Kids are not alone in having food allergies. Adults can suffer as well.

On more than one occasion we've had infractions. One time, right after we had just started, we were visiting my parents and I had forgotten the Feingold's Fast Food list. We decided to stop at McDonalds, and since I had no idea what was ok to order and what was not, we got fried fish and french fries. I didn't know this then, but their frying oil is preserved with TBHQ (as are most restaurant frying oils). The boys went from little gentlemen to a week's worth of hell on wheels right in front of my parent's eyes. They stopped asking me if I was sure they had food additive sensitives after that week.

About a year after we started, after a restaurant dessert had tempted us, we ended up with a reaction. My oldest, went through his laundry list of poor impulse control, poor sleep and bad behaviors, and was finally on day 4 of his reaction - which meant that he was in and out of the reaction by that point. I mentioned to him that I noticed that it looked like he was doing better and wondered how he felt inside. He replied, "GGGggggrrrrrrrr" in a very angry tone. Here he was, feeling still so angry inside, but able to control his impulses today. How angry did he feel for the past 3 days while at the heights of his reaction? How terrible to be constantly yelled at to control your impulses when you simply cannot. I was shocked, again, at how the food choices - that I have control over - affect him. How awful of a life it would have been for him, to be angry all the time just because of the food he ate, that I served him!! At that moment, I recommitted myself to the Feingold Program 100%.

Since starting the Feingold Program, we have also discovered that our children have other food additive sensitivities as well. Sodium Nitrate (found in bacon, lunch meats, etc) also makes them angry for a couple of days. Apples, which have a naturally occurring insect repellent in them called salicylates, have to be limited to one serving a day. Corn syrup (which there are 12 different names for!) makes them hyper for a good few hours or so. Kids (and adults) can react to other types of food additives and to foods that have gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) in them. The Feingold Association website is a wonderful resource for helping families with any kind of food additive sensitivity or food allergy. Their researched Food Shopping List shows all these other potential food allergens as well.

In every group that we are involved in, I find kids that are either already using the Feingold Program or need to have their families learn about the Feingold Program. Food allergies and food additive sensitivity have grown so common place, that based on my dealings with kids in groups (and I'm in several), I would safely say that close to half of the kids in any group would benefit from researching food allergens and food additive sensitivities, and the 100% commitment to follow through. So, if you find yourself resonating with our family's story, trust me, you are not alone!

I ask you, look at your children, look at yourself, your honey . . . Does any of this resonate? Does it seem that no discipline seems to help?? Sleep problems? Teeth grinding? An odd laugh after lacking impulse control? School problems? Hyper? Non-stop talking? Suspect food additives sensitivities or food allergies?

Your answers and miracle may start by clicking on this link:

And you also have my support as a lifestyle medicine Certified Health Coach!

- Sharon Lundholm, MA